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Our Services

HIV and AIDS counseling and support program

The emerging trend of linkage between Drug Abuse and HIV and AIDS gives Elewa Ulevi an upper hand in awareness creation on the twin epidemic.

Alcohol, drug and substance abuse

Elewa Ulevi conducts Alcohol and Drug awareness surveys, seminars and training including drug screening for individuals and institutions.

Addiction counseling

Through the expertise of the team, Elewa Ulevi provides addiction counseling to individuals and groups to strengthen their power to handle the ever-berating life challenges.

“Addiction is a disease, like any other. And should be treated as so, without the stigma, but with compassion and grace"

Elewa Ulevi


To be the leading consultancy firm in matters pertaining to Alcohol and Substance abuse and other addictions.

At Elewa Ulevi we have been instrumental in initiating drug abuse awareness and cessation programs, establishing support mechanisms such as peer counseling, individual, group counseling, adolescence counseling and mentor ship programs, family therapy, assisting organizations implement the workplace policy and carrying out baseline surveys to enable us come up with evidenced based programs for our clients.


Our outpatient program offers a unique approach to services that incorporate several types of support services to help individuals with drug and alcohol problems.