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Alcohol, drug and substance abuse

Elewa Ulevi conducts Alcohol and Drug awareness surveys, seminars and training including drug screening for individuals and institutions.


We combine Employee Assistance Program with training solutions. To achieve this, we support the minimization of employee relations problems through effective integration of Family, School and Workplace management.

Elewa Ulevi provides expertise services in the development, implementation and review of Workplace Drug policy. To achieve this, we facilitate training workshops for managers to cascade knowledge and skills throughout the organization’s work force, thus creating a highly functional drug policy.

We support and strengthen managerial and supervisory systems through professional supervision, coaching and mentoring for reinforcement of effective work performance.

HIV and AIDS counseling and support program

The emerging trend of linkage between Drug Abuse and HIV and AIDS gives Elewa Ulevi an upper hand in awareness creation on the twin epidemic.
We provide support as may be needed in line with Drug Abuse and HIV and AIDS ranging from general awareness on Drugs and HIV and AIDS; training on management and care for the infected, to capacity building of the affected in dealing with the infected.

Addiction counseling

Through the expertise of the team, Elewa Ulevi provides addiction counseling to individuals and groups to strengthen their power to handle the ever-berating life challenges. This includes psycho – social issues of drug abuse, relationships management, academic/ career concerns, economic stress and general life issues.

We also provide counseling on stress management, trauma counseling, etc.

Training and research

We focus heavily on evidence-based training for effective capacity building of people, through organizations in various areas that affects them. Elewa Ulevi experts have in their own individual capacities facilitated widely in sensitization and training of staff for various organizations, members of associations and students countrywide.

Human resource support services

Elewa Ulevi has a strong and stable program that offers great support to the HR through the provision of various annual and monthly services that ensure efficiency and productivity to our clients.

For empowerment and Capacity building, we offer:

  • Training
  • Seminar
  • Mentoring services
  • Orientations
  • Counseling; personal and group etc

The services are tailor made and up to date to suite our clients’ needs for both new and existing employees. We achieve this through the continuous research and developing of training manuals and policies in collaboration with our clients.

We insist on offering quality services based on our clients’ needs.

Baseline survey and policy formulations

Elewa Ulevi boost of successful and quality surveys undertaken for different organizations and institutions since its inception. Its team comprises of competitive and highly sought professionals in this field who are certified by NACADA. They are well equipped with vast knowledge and skills on different tools and methods, which include:

  • Development of high standard data collection tools which obtains accurate results of the study based on the objectives of our clients.
  • The data coding, entry, cleaning, analysis and report writing teams are scientific statistical professions from different departments who use updated scientific software’s for qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Give effective recommendations out of the findings.
  • Provide training of the clients based on the findings of the survey.
  • Formulation of strong policy based on the findings, recommendations and approval of our clients.

Project management, monitoring and evaluation

Elewa Ulevi provides expertise services in project management, development and implementation. We further offer services in Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting by developing M & E Tools, as well as training personnel on their use.

Who benefits from these Services?

  • Individuals who are struggling with Drugs and Alcohol
    Individuals who need lifestyle changes to maintain a sustained Wellness.
  • Individuals who need individualized substance abuse treatment counseling services in a discreet and serene environment.
  • Individuals with addictive disorders complicated by other mental issues.