Counseling Skills and Teaching

Basic Counseling Skills

brookhurst school facilitation

Being a teacher has many facets. It is not just being able to explain concepts to others. It involves being able to relate to students and having the skills to guide them in many issues that come with growing up. This is why having a teaching staff that is conversant with Basic Counseling Skills is important.

We were able to facilitate a session with the capable and hardworking faculties of Brookhurst International. The session involved the topics “Basic Counseling Skills” and “Developmental Stages”. These topics are helpful for any teacher working with kids who are undergoing different experiences as they grow. It equips the teachers with the knowledge on how to handle various situations without causing trauma to the children. It makes sure the teachers understand different stages of growth and how kids from different backgrounds are affected by them.

We are grateful for the kind family that is Brookhurst International. They are adamant that their staff and students get the best.

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