Youth Mentorship and Empowerment

Dr. Susan, Patron and Mentor for DABS Africa

youth mentorship
DABS Africa is a mental health, alcohol and substance abuse organization by the youth. DABS aims at providing information and creating awareness on mental health. DABS stands for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar and Schizophrenia. These are the most common mental health disorders today.
Dr.Susan Gitau, is a mentor to the youth in this organization as well as the Patron to DABS. They had an informative meeting at Elewa Ulevi Nyeri Branch Office where Dr.Susan discussed various issues in the field as well as encouraged the youth to continue with their wonderful work.
We are blessed with a society that values mental health and grateful to see the youth of DABS taking initiative in Kenya!

6 thoughts on “Youth Mentorship and Empowerment”

  1. Thanks so much Dr.Susan personal I feel it’s a good thing to start something that we as young people go through and also what we see our families going through deficulties in addictions, depression and other mental health issues.
    I believe that we can change and touch people hearts in one way or another.
    Thanks for supporting us

  2. Great work by daktari Susan. Watching her speak recently (2/26/2023) at PCEA Ciiko at Hunters in Kasarani was moving. She has a heart for society. Looking forward to interacting with you Dr. soonest.

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